17 October 2012

Kamoro Exhibition and Sale Nov 9 – 11th 2012

Nimo, greetings friends! The time for our big event of the year is drawing close – the Kamoro Art Exhibition and Sale for the public! For a couple of days you’ll be able to get your hands of that piece of hard-to-get Kamoro Art.

The exhibition will be held at the American Club and for security reasons non-members have to be screened prior to entry (that includes me).

So help us expedite your clearance by emailing the following info to kamoroexh@gmail.com
1) Name as in Passport/KIMS/KITAS *
2) State preferred date of attendance

*Corresponding ID must be brought on the same day for security verification.
Closing date for registration is Mon 29th Oct.
For enquiries, please email kamoroexh@gmail.com


Friday 9th: 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th: 10:30am – 4:30pm

There will be traditional singing, drumming, dancing and carving.
Dr. Kal Muller will give PowerPoint lectures on Papua and the Kamoro only on Friday and Saturday.

07 July 2012

Nemo 2012!

Nimo, Hi, Hello, Selamat! Greetings, as our Kamoro friends would intone warmly.

Yes, we’ve been away for a year. Admittedly slack, but back now and ready to let you in on the scoop.

It’s been an intense time for us in many ways and exciting particularly for Kal who now has a new left knee! He had to take precious time off to get a shiny steel and fancy plastic joint contraption inserted into where his old knee was sawed off. It meant weeks in bed in January and grounded in Singapore in February (a real torture for him) but now he’s practically springing from coast to mountain, and island to island, and managed to hold on to his 73rd birthday cake standing on his own two feet.

Aside from the staples, Kal had a draining tube running out of his thigh for a few days. Frankenstein would have been jealous!

Zip through our blog and see where he’s been since he hit the ground running. We’re bringing the latest news first which is the biggest story yet for this year and a real achievement for the Kamoro.

They were chosen as the opening act of an annual series starting this year, focusing on the needs of the Papuan peoples, organized by the University of Indonesia. The inaugural event called “Kamoro: Keeping the Carving Heritage Alive” was held in Bali in June.

Check out our new page “Our Galleries” for more what goes on in our world.

Do stay tuned for other fun events like the Exhibition held by the Canadian Trade Commission, a joint show with a local contemporary gallery ber.seni and new friends and visitors like the Swiss Ambassador, HE Heinz Walker-nederkoorn.

On a very sad note, we have to say goodbye to one of our most creative and innovative carvers - Ponsi from Mware village – who was killed in an altercation. His talent was unique and so was his personality: large, sweet, gentle, giving, a happy soul who had such freedom in his work he never ceased to explore new forms. He knew no fear, no boundaries. To a brave and great artist, we bid a fond adieu.

Ponsi as he will always be remembered